Friday, November 23, 2012

Living on a prayer

I'm not a god fearing woman by any means, the only thing I really fear is tight spaces, crowds, or being alone: I live with a belief of science and a respect for what others believe to be acceptable too- to each their own. but i am putting this wish/prayer/request for karma out there for the Internet to see. Powerball is up to 350 million dollars- I believe the universe has given me 3 winning numbers so far, now I need 3 more. I surely don't want or need all that money, I just want enough money where I don't have to work 50 hours a week (at least) at a job that makes me feel worthless. I want to own a house. I'm not asking for much from whomever is reading this or whomever controls my fate (if anyone does). I just want to enjoy life and not have to struggle like I have been for he last 27 years. I want to breathe easily and sleep in and enjoy life- I more than deserve it..... so please mother earth, science, god, secret millionaire, Ganesh, anyone who can help - let me have this one thing?

Our first tooth!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey day and the last few months

Life has gotten away from me lately. Jonas started school- what an emotional day: we thought he would do great but sure enough he ran into the hall after us when we left with tears filling his eyes. He has warmed up to his teachers and has even made some friends (sheamus, Connor, Finn, and cormac) today was their thanksgiving feast. Chaz was the parent volunteer and I stayed home with Brayden. At school Jonas made an I'm thankful handprint and said he was thankful for " daddy and pumpkins." that kind of hurt but I know how much it meant to Chaz. If I made my own handprint it would say I am thankful for everyone of my boys.