Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BAM- a second son is born

So the day before my c-section (06/11/12) I had to call the hospital to get my confirmed surgery time. I called and they told me to arrive at the hospital at 12:15 and that my surgery would be at 02:15 PM and that i could not eat or drink anything (not even water) after midnight. I just about lost it, how could they expect a pregnant woman not to eat for 14 hours! then i started crying and my poor husband had no idea what to do. that night we went out for steak at this place called Rock Bottom and it happened to be their "Quizzo" night too- we had soo much fun!
the next morning i got a call at 9:15- it was the hospital asking me to come in as soon as possible for surgery (YES I GET TO EAT SOONER!)
We packed up and got to the hospital by 10:30. As soon as i got there and important blood machine broke and they had to figure out my blood antibodies by hand and that pushed everything back by 2 hours (we were now at the original time)... while we were waiting we also heard a poor woman go through what i am assuming was natural labor= she let out 3 loud banshee screams and then a baby cried. CRAZY
I found out that day that a spinal epidural feels totally different than a labor epidural and that when i feel paralyzed up to my lungs and i am being strapped into the operating table i will have the worst panic attack EVER. and i will freak out ever nurse and doctor in the o.r. with me. and i will have to see a social worker too (more on that later)
You were born without a major issue though and the biggest surprise was that you had hair! how wonderful!

Monday, June 11, 2012

grossest story ever- part 2- the challenger

This morning is our last morning as a family of 3; it started off like normal. Chaz is still sleeping downstairs to help tend to Russell as he recovers from his surgery. So Jonas woke up and came into bed with me and watched pee-wees big top and then super why before we went downstairs to wake daddy. Break fast went well. Out of no where Jonas did his potty dance (we are almost done potty training) and he sat down on his potty in the living room, and we heard his butt explode immediately... of course this is also when we realized all the wipes were upstairs (ARGH!). Chaz ran upstairs for the wipes, and Jonas - who is attached to his dads hip- went running after him. That's when i saw the poop starting to run down his leg. I took off after him and told him to go into the bathroom so we could clean up. In the bathroom i started to wipe the poop and the smell hit me and i threw up immediately into the sink. Jonas, having a horrible gag reflex, started to gag at the sight of my throwing up. Chaz showed up at this second and i headed back to the living room to calm down. I turned the corner and saw Theo licking the diarrhea out of the baby pot.... WHAT A MORNING!

grossest story ever

when i was pregnant with Jonas, and just about ready to give birth i experienced on of the grossest morning ever.
At the time Chaz and i shared our queen bed with our 2 dogs, and our new baby kitten. that morning i woke up to the sound  and smell of farting; and i naturally thought it was just my husband in his sleep. I ignored it and tried to go back to sleep. I heard and smelled it a little stronger and grew concerned that it may have been the dogs, so i reached down and felt their tummies- all while still basically sleeping. They were fine. Then the smell got really strong and i had to figure out what it was. So i sat up and opened my eyes to be greeted by our new 1-2 lb baby kitten shooting explosive diarrhea allover the bed. As if that wasnt bad enough, our dog Theo was on the receiving end, open mouthed, liking it up like it was the best water fountain ever. as my brain processed this my pregnant body reacted and i had to race to the bathroom to throw up. It wasn't until i was in route to the bathroom that my husband FINALLY woke up and had to be recapped about the whole ordeal..... what a morning....

Thursday, June 7, 2012

and baby makes 4

On Wednesday (06/06/12) we took Jonas out to have one last hoorah before his baby brother Brayden arrives- we took him to play mini golf and he was really good when he tried (but like me focus and trying were the hard parts)! We went to a fast food restaurant because Jonas loves playing in the play places, and let's face it- it's easy entertainment. We ended the night with secret snuggles on the couch playing Lego planes and then lego swords- whispering about power rangers the whole time. What love I feel for that boy..