Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BAM- a second son is born

So the day before my c-section (06/11/12) I had to call the hospital to get my confirmed surgery time. I called and they told me to arrive at the hospital at 12:15 and that my surgery would be at 02:15 PM and that i could not eat or drink anything (not even water) after midnight. I just about lost it, how could they expect a pregnant woman not to eat for 14 hours! then i started crying and my poor husband had no idea what to do. that night we went out for steak at this place called Rock Bottom and it happened to be their "Quizzo" night too- we had soo much fun!
the next morning i got a call at 9:15- it was the hospital asking me to come in as soon as possible for surgery (YES I GET TO EAT SOONER!)
We packed up and got to the hospital by 10:30. As soon as i got there and important blood machine broke and they had to figure out my blood antibodies by hand and that pushed everything back by 2 hours (we were now at the original time)... while we were waiting we also heard a poor woman go through what i am assuming was natural labor= she let out 3 loud banshee screams and then a baby cried. CRAZY
I found out that day that a spinal epidural feels totally different than a labor epidural and that when i feel paralyzed up to my lungs and i am being strapped into the operating table i will have the worst panic attack EVER. and i will freak out ever nurse and doctor in the o.r. with me. and i will have to see a social worker too (more on that later)
You were born without a major issue though and the biggest surprise was that you had hair! how wonderful!

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