Friday, July 11, 2014

Times change

It's been a couple of months since I have written anything; it's crazy how things change. We had a play date meet and greet at Jonas' kindergarten yesterday and he met some kids that might be in his kindergarten class; what a relief! I was so nervous that he wouldn't make friends, but now seeing him, I have nothing to worry about. We are still waiting for Brayden to start talking. He has mimicked a couple of words that Chaz has said (mama, dada, boo, blue, yes, vroom) but that's it. We filled out the paperwork today to have a speech therapist come out; our evaluation is on the 25th (fingers crossed). In other news, we had the best 4th of July ever! We went to the local parade that's 1/2 a block away, it had such a small time feel! Then we went to the park right down the road and they had free face painting, bounce houses, pretzels and hot dogs, and a juggler- all for free! At night fall we went to the local highschool and sat on a picnic blanket and watched the late fireworks as a family. I love our neighborhood!

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