Sunday, May 18, 2014

Old spice

There was an old spice commercial that sang about making a man out of a moms  son; Jonas saw it and told us he never wanted old spice because he never wanted to leave me
This last couple of weeks have been an emotional roller coaster
It was Mother's Day and I got egg Benedict! Yum! And Jonas picked me out beautiful nail polish and a sparky purple hairbrush- he knows me so well! He also made me a precious card that says thank you and has a Popsicle stick house on it; we then took Grammy out to lung during which both kids went crazy and it was capped with Jonas throwing up in the bathroom- arg! Dinner was scallops- delish! 
The next week it was our anniversary and Jonas insisted on getting me an anniversary card too - he wants nothing more than to marry me! How amazing; we went the smorgasbord a day early because preschool graduation was on our real anniversary
We started the day at chuck e cheese to celebrate- when we showed up chuck was there dancing and the power briefly went out: Brayden kept hugging chuck's legs and it was cute
Graduation was tough- Brayden was going crazy and Chaz was dealing with him so I could get a picture
My baby was done with preschool that quick... No more mrs snarski and no more mrs fulginitti... New kids and a new school- full days and five days
When did he grow up? At least I held in the ugly crying until we got to the car

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