Wednesday, May 9, 2012

bedtime rituals

in the last post i forgot to mention that you also like to "talk monkey" and you have us talk monkey to you- whole conversations of just who ho ah ahh (monkey sounds). this post i am going to talk about the bedtime rituals of my almost 3 year old. When you take a bath it is at night and you loved these bath color fizzers with elmo on the front (i have to buy more) you would say that you wanted to add sesame place to your bath. on a non bath night dad helps you in the bathroom, you pee on the potty and brush your teeth and wash your hands. While you do this  make your bed and pick out your pajamas. as soon as you are done you run your naked behind into your room and proclaim "mom, i pee on the potty, i wash my hands and my fingers and i brush my teeth!" all while naked and smiling ear to ear. then you way to excitedly run to me and tackle-hug me. we get you into bed and read you books and do a 3-2-1 countdown to turn the light off so you can see your buzz lights night light come on. some nights you have us talk like a robot before we leave your room. on our way out you also warn us not to drop our phones or our keys, and "dont turn off the light" <3

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