Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a mother to many

so mothers day this year was wonderful. i got pancakes in bed, then for lunch chaz made me toasted ravioli, then for dinner i had imos pizza. what a great day. monday  (thr 14th) wasnt as great. I woke up at 8 because jonas was up particularly early. I let chaz sleep til 10 and then we went upstairs to wake him. Russell jumped on the bed and yelped out in pain then jumped down and wouldnt move his back left leg. we all threw on clothes and took him to the emergency vet. the vet informed us that we had to leave him there for a couple hours for xrays, and we tried to take our minds off it... we went to bjs!, we ordered a super hero squad cake for jonas' 3rd birthday, and we waited. The doctor said that he tore his knee ligament and may need surgery, then sent us on our way with pain meds and scheduled a follow up for 2 weeks.
Naturally on tuesday we googled everything about dog knee surgery, and now we are left with questions, what type of tear? partial or total? can we just schedule surgery?
all of this happened and i realized just how much of a mom i am to everyone in this house. our dogs are amazing, and its time for me to move a mountain for one of them. <3

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