Sunday, May 20, 2012

dog day afternoon

So Russell (8 1/2) tore his ACL on monday and he went in for surgery on friday. He had to have a TPLO surgery, so far the cost for everything has been about 5000! its been an emotional roller coaster week, nothing reminds you of your own mortality more than that of seeing your children grow up and/or get hurt. This week we dealt with both. Yesterday morning was Jonas' 3rd birthday... he got supersoakers and superhero stuff! and a cake that looked home-made (but we wont get into that). Last night we picked up Russell from the surgery center, and i have to say taking care of a recovering dog is much more difficult than taking care of a baby. We have to help him up the stairs to the potty, and his medicine makes him really really really woozy. I hope this next 8 weeks go by quick. we have the cast removal in a few days, then the stitches out in a week and a half, then a wedding, then a baby, then fathers day. i am exhausted just typing it.
Here's to smooth sailing.!

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